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7 Deadly Mistakes That Could Kill Your Next Idea

Green Gorilla Software is celebrating six years this month and eight years since I started my first business, and this has prompted me to come up with 7 things that have helped avoid failure when a new potential client approaches us with a new innovation or product idea. These 7 things have helped me steer Read More

Helping you understand and achieve product/market fit

Finding & Measuring Product/Market Fit Figuring out if you have product/market fit is as simple as sending out a survey, but as a basic rule of surveying, getting at least a 100 responses will go a long way towards statistical significance. This isn’t a survey you send out to your first 10 customers (you need Read More

Perhaps it’s time to pivot

Why Not To Buy Lean Startup “Do Not Buy Lean Startup, Do not buy Business Model Generation, Save your money! Business Model Generation by Alexander Osterwalder and Lean Startup by Eric Ries are a complete waste of money…” Read the article   The Lean Startup Myth “The Lean Startup is a legendary book in technology startup circles Read More

The importance of explainer videos and how they can bring your MVP to life

Reasons why you need a explainer video Statistically speaking, stale websites don’t do well. Websites that contain endless pages of block text and images can get boring fast and also rank low in Google search, which means less exposure. This also scares away customers who want to quickly understand a product Read the article   Insider tips for Read More

Free Tools!

Google Analytics – Obvious, but important! Google Analytics is jam packed with features so it would be slightly ridiculous for us to leave it out of this email, especially as its free! If you’re not using it, you should. With features like real time overview (see who is on your site RIGHT NOW) and audience Read More

Don’t go chasing waterfalls

Agile Vs. Waterfall Product Engineering Author and entrepreneur Eric Ries unpacks the difference between waterfall and agile product development theories, and outlines when each are best employed. Waterfall – the linear path of product build-out – is best used when the problem and its solutions are well-understood. However, its hazard is that it can also Read More

When you aren’t learning something new each day, it’s time to give up!

10 Common Mistakes Founders Make “Bless our little founder hearts. We’re eternal optimists who have great intentions paired with a propensity to try things that common sense would say is a bad idea. That means we try a lot of things, most of which don’t pan out. But it’s the things that do pan out that keep us motivated…” Read More

What does Walter White have in common with startup founders?

Simple – He’s a hustler. He follows the MVP framework perfectly. He sees an opportunity for a product and starts creating it in a small RV with a huge focus on quality. Once he’s found his product/market fit.. he scales! Eventually he’s in a fancy laboratory with a huge distribution chain, but it all started Read More

The Godfather of MVP, Steve Blank

Customer Development Manifesto A great podcast about customer development principles, For several years now Blank has been a driving force in changing the way people think, practice, create and deliver their products. Read the article   The Key to Startup Success Sit back, relax and listen to the godfather himself talk about the key to startup success, going into depth Read More

Starting small with a solid understanding of the customer and half a product is the way to launch

Idea to Paying Customers in 7 Weeks We love Buffer! The Buffer story is the perfect example of a lean startup. For those of us who know Joel Gascoigne personally it’s an amazing story of following the customer development framework, developing a simple MVP, raising funds from your customers, sticking to your beliefs and most importantly focusing on Read More

Having an idea and turning it into a viable business.

Making sense of a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) We feel like this is a great opening piece for, in this article Henrik Kniberg tells us why an MVP is so important, how to go about building one and provides us with some real world examples. Read the article   The Lean Startup Principles The lean startup is Read More

Silicon Canal Energises Birmingham Tech Scene

Last night myself and @samcambridge attended the launch event for Silicon Canal (@Silicon_Canal). It was a great night hosted by @simonjenner & @nickholzherr. Silicon Canal is a volunteer organisation that aims to bring all elements of the tech sector in and around Birmingham together, like they have done in London/Silicon Roundabout and of course Silicon Valley/California, and Read More