Month: October 2015

Prime8: The weekly GGA web roundup! 26/10/2015

This week Prime8 has been in geek nirvana (nerdvana?). What with the release of the new Star Wars trailer and the Back To The Future anniversary media blitz it’s been a great week! Downside is I haven’t actually seen my wife for 3 days so I’m guessing she’s just had enough of me wittering on Read More

Prime8: The weekly GGA web roundup! 19/10/2015

This week The Apprentice showed us there’s still no shortage of silly people who’s main aim in life is to be a total a**e and do ‘business’ alongside a man who looks like a shaved Oscar the Grouch that lives in a sunbed. It also proved that when alcohol and Rugby is involved, the fact Read More

Prime8: The weekly GGA web roundup! 12/10/2015

This week we’ve been learning to do the ‘Tory Powerstand’ George Osbourne and Theresa May unveiled to the world at their conference. It’s great! We feel so powerful and 1%! We’ve powerstood next to famous landmarks, in the bath, on the office roof, next to homeless person and some doctors on their 3rd consecutive 16 Read More

Prime8: The weekly GGA web roundup! 05/10/2015

This week The Pope visited the USA and told everyone that two men or two women shouldn’t be allowed to marry because of religion and stuff. To hammer the point home he then had a secret meeting with Kim Davis, the county clerk and notorious bigot who famously refused to serve a marriage license to Read More