Month: December 2014

Prime8: The weekly GGA web roundup 15/12/14

WEATHER BOMB! Pitch: a blatant piece of GGA self-promotion This week we launched our new product, Pitch. It’s a new way of giving companies like you the ability to create your own Android and iOS apps, control the content in them via a simple admin UI, and send Push Notifications out to your audience! It’s Read More

Prime8: The weekly GGA web roundup 9/12/14

This week we’ve felt a familiar rush of childlike glee come over us here at GGA. The new Star Wars movie trailer has made us go all giddy with excitement. As has the new The Hobbit trailer. As has the news of a new ZX Spectrum launch!  I know what you’re all thinking… “what a Read More

Prime8: The weekly GGA web roundup 01/12/14

Prime8 is 50 (editions) old! Wheel out the comfy slippers and ‘Greatest Hits of The Eagles’ and lets party! Word must have got around because we’ve seen footage on the news this week of people in shopping frenzies going absolutely mental in Tesco and Asda, obviously trying to get Prime8 that perfect birthday gift. But what do you Read More