Month: November 2014

Prime8 – The weekly GGA web roundup 24/11/14

Prime8 is 50 next week, so we thought it’s time we grew up a bit. Firstly we’ve decided to stop blaming all our failings and bad thoughts on an imaginary monkey. Then we’ve decided to stop mocking Facebook users at every given opportunity. Finally, we are going to stop being so caustically sarcastic. You’ll find Read More

Prime8: The weekly GGA web roundup 17/11/14

This week, scientists made history by piloting a space probe to land on an actual comet. In space. That’s one hell of an achievement. My to-do list for this week consists of ‘clear out inbox’, ‘marinade chicken’ and ‘write thisPrime8’.  Game, set and match space-boffins! Here’s this weeks roundup… Rosetta stoned 
So this probe, called Read More

Prime8: The weekly GGA web roundup 3/11/14

This week Prime8 has decided to smash up all our office furniture and set fire to it all in the name of Bonfire night. He’s also taken to communicating only in the style of set-off fireworks, but that’s a different story. So here’s this weeks thankfully-Guy-Fawkes-free web roundup. Please stand well back and do not pick up Read More