Month: September 2014

Prime8: The weekly GGA web roundup 29/09/14

Prime8 has been bending phones this week. He’s sat on them, stamped them on the floor, put them in vices and gone all ‘Uri Geller’ on them. He’s also expanded his experiments by throwing rocks at our monitors to prove they will smash. He’s costing us a small fortune and we’re not even sure why Read More

Welcome to Prime8 – the weekly GGA web roundup! 22/09/2104

Prime8 has reached the big ‘4 0’ this week. He’d like to celebrate with a party but he’s to upset that his referendum to become independent from GGA has resulted in a ‘NO’ vote. There’s really no pleasing him.  Feast your eyeballs on this weeks web roundup…  How Twitter did the Scottish Referendum As a Read More

How to run a software company remotely

A few weeks ago, we at Green Gorilla Apps ran a one-week trial for working remotely. We’ve been in the same office since we started in 2012, so it was a big conceptual leap to go from daily face-to-face contact to working from home. Fellow Gorilla Paul has already written a post on the results Read More

Prime8: The weekly GGA web roundup – 15/09/14

Hola! Prime8 is back from his holidays in Mexico and is feeling all revitalized and ready to get cracking on rounding up the web for you (if he can stop admiring his tan in the mirror that is). Let’s get going…   Everything you need to know about the Apple presentation in 90 secs Tuesday’s Apple Read More