Month: August 2014

Prime8 – the weekly GGA web roundup 18/08/2014

Well this week has been a big, sucky one when it comes to losing beloved Hollywood royalty. First we lost Robin Williams, one of the funniest men alive. Sure, he overdid the mawkish (mork-ish?) sentimentality in some of his films, but he was a true comedic giant. Then goes the Bogie-taming, Silver Screen Queen and all Read More

Part 3: The story of SilkThread – Charting the creation of a new tech product from both a developer and client point of view. The app is in build – what next?

For the past 6 months Labyrinth have been working with app experts Green Gorilla Apps (GGA) to plan, design and build an industry-defining web application called SilkThread. Instead of the usual post-project case study, both Labyrinth and GGA have decided to write a joint ‘warts-and-all’ journal blog about the highs and lows of developing a Read More

Prime8 – the weekly GGA web roundup 11/08/2014

Two things happened this week that, by themselves, would be perfectly fine. Non-eventful. Not worth discussing. However, because they happened in parallel with each other they have caused a big problem. That’s right, it’s the perfect storm of the start of Great British Bake-Off and the GGA team working from home. I’ll explain… The start of Read More

The results of the GGA remote working experiment 1 week on

Last week I did a blog about how we decided, as a team, to trial remote working. This is a quick evaluation of how it went… In a word… success! As I mentioned last time, we had a strong belief that with the tools we already used to communicate and run projects we were already Read More

How we built 8-bit weather in half a day

Two weeks ago to this day, we at Green Gorilla Apps finished our weekly sprint early. We held an emergency meeting at a local pub to determine the next steps. The consensus was that we should set ourselves a challenge of building a simple app that could later be turned into a product in the Read More

Prime8 – the weekly GGA web roundup 4/8/2014

This week we’ve been pondering the big question of the moment. Not how to solve the Gaza/Israel crisis or what’s to be done about Russia’s bully-boy antics, but the really important debate: is it OK to wear sunglasses indoors?  We decided that yes it is OK to wear sunglasses indoors if that’s what you want Read More