Month: June 2014

Prime8 – the weekly GGA web roundup 30/6/2014

Prime8 has gone all Wimbledon this week. He’s wearing Fred Perry shirts, refusing to eat anything other than strawberries & cream, and has ‘The Best Of Cliff Richard’ on repeat on the office stereo. He’s been a bit of a d**k if I’m honest. Anyway, to get us started this week, here’s a Wimbledon-based joke…   Read More

The key to working smarter not harder … prioritisation!

At GGA we’ve spent a lot of time analysing how we actually spend our time. Paul (our MD) in particular was getting frustrated at not achieving the tasks that he knew would propel the business forward. As the end of our financial year approaches, the last couple of days at GGA have been focused on Read More

Deconstructing your work (and maybe your life)

As software developers we’re constantly tasked with taking on large-scale projects and breaking them down into smaller, more manageable development projects. In fact, the single most important facet of ‘Agile’ (the development methodology we use here at GGA) is to completely deconstruct each element of a project in order to constantly deliver easily digestible ‘chunks’ Read More

Prime8: The weekly web roundup 23/06/2014

Well here we are again. After an optimistic start, England’s World Cup squad are once again facing coming home way too early. That single star on their shirts is starting to look more ‘McDonald’s till proficiency’ than ‘proud World football dominance’ isn’t it? Oh well, there’s always something else we’re good at to look forward Read More

Prime8: The weekly web roundup 16/06/2014

You’ve got to hold and give But do it at the right time You can be slow or fast But you must get to the line They’ll always hit you and hurt you Defend and attack There’s only one way to beat them Get round the back Catch me if you can Cos’ I’m the England man And what you’re looking at Is the master plan We Read More

Prime8: The weekly web roundup 09/06/2014

Prime8 was actually being well-behaved for a change for most of this week. He was solemnly remembering all the soldiers who lost their lives on D-Day all those 70 years ago fighting across a Europe that had become steeped in xenophobia, anger and fascism. He was meditating on the fact that these brave souls died Read More

Prime8: The weekly web roundup 02/06/2014

This week, Prime8 has been getting into trouble. He’s been caught on camera smoking ‘herbal jazz cigarettes’ with the ultimate bad boys of Rock N Roll, One Direction. There’s nothing those lunatics won’t not do. Boy are they crazy! Their anti-establishment, punk rock, devil may-care attitude is really starting to rub off on Prime8. He’s Read More